Artist Statement


Functional design is an art form that reaches beyond the eye and flows through the hand. I am constantly surprised how it builds conversation, community and an interactive experience for the observer. There is an immediate connection between the artist and the user. Not only are the eyes interacting with the surface, but also the hands with texture, shape, and weight. I consider this relationship between surface and form a marriage. The eyes constantly gathering information about what the hands are feeling; a kinetic response so powerful there is a sense of urgency to hold.

It’s in this relationship that I have found a love for making pots. At a young age, I was given the opportunity to be an apprentice for a local master potter. It was during those years that I first experienced the inter-connectedness between artists to something so elemental: creating out of dirt. Taking a rudimentary substance and making it into something that has purpose, delights the eye and begs to be touched. This process has become an expression of my daily interactions with nature. Whether it be the leaves changing or the bending of a branch, my hands are always adapting to create what I see. This process continues to mature and develop my work as it actively engages with the world around me.